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Gina is an award-winning underwater photographer, diving instructor, and enthusiastic lecturer with a deep and genuine love for the marine environment. Gina has been shortlisted for four British Photography Awards for underwater work.

Gina's  journey into underwater photography began 18 years ago and has taken her across the Caribbean, Europe and Africa photographing a diverse array of marine habitats, from coral reefs and eagle rays to kelp forests and cuttlefish. These experiences have led her to focus on adapting equipment and techniques that do not typically form part of the underwater photographer’s toolkit, in the hopes of diversifying and expanding our creative opportunities and experimentation underwater.

Gina now takes great pride in serving as a lecturer on Marine and Natural History Photography where she is dedicated to advancing the world of underwater photography while encouraging students to add their own creative voices and innovation to the industry.


If you would like to buy prints or enquire about commercial work, please get in touch. 

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Falmouth, UK


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